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      We have put the below list together for you to print off and collect all our range. This will be updated regularly as we add to our stock every month. Keep checking back to make sure you have an up to date list.


      Number Name Product Code Colour Type Got It... Need It..
      1 Gypsy rose GR001C Pink Colour
      2 Midnight blue GR002C Blue Colour
      3 Coco GR003G Brown Glitter
      4 Cappaccino GR004C Brown Colour
      5 Berry pink GR005C Pink Colour
      6 Taupe GR006C Brown Colour
      7 Love affair GR007C Red Colour
      8 Delicate GR008G Nude Glitter
      9 Sea breeze GR009G Blue Glitter
      10 Popsicle GR010G Pink Glitter
      11 Baby blue GR011C Blue Colour
      12 Lemon GR012C Yellow Colour
      13 Christmas Tree GR013G Green Glitter
      14 Fairy Cake GR014G Mixed Glitter
      15 Nude Gold GR015G Gold Glitter
      16 Floozie GR016C Mauve Colour
      17 Pumpkin GR017C Orange Colour
      18 Simply grey GR018C Grey Colour
      19 Ice Queen GR019G White Glitter
      20 Lemon Sherbet GR020C Yellow Colour
      21 Ruby slippers GR021G Red Glitter
      22 Smoky plum GR022C Purple Colour
      23 Purple rain GR023G Purple Glitter
      24 Pixie dust GR024G Pink Glitter
      25 Pixie Hollow GR025G Gold Glitter
      26 Shooting star GR026G Silver Glitter
      27 Tequila sunrise GR027C Orange Colour
      28 Rose pink GR028G Pink Glitter
      30 Black magic GR030G Black Glitter
      31 Olive GR031C Green Colour
      32 Juniper GR032C Purple Colour
      33 As you dare GR033G Mixed Glitter
      34 Tahiti GR034G Blue Glitter
      35 Moon Pool GR035C Blue Colour
      36 Fairy Dust GR036S Pink Shimmer
      37 Gunmetal grey GR037G Grey Glitter
      38 Fushia GR038G Pink Glitter
      39 Midas touch GR039G Gold Glitter
      40 Mystic muse GR040G Purple Glitter
      41 Galaxy GR041G Mixed Glitter
      42 Berry surprised GR042G Mixed Glitter
      43 Valentine GR043G Black Glitter
      44 Santa Baby GR044G Red Glitter
      45 Sparkle surprise GR045G Mixed Glitter
      46 Pretty in pink GR046G Pink Glitter
      47 Cookie GR047C Brown Colour
      48 Temptress GR048G Red Glitter
      49 mistique GR049G Red Glitter
      51 Butterfly GR051S Pink Shimmer
      52 Bramble GR052C Brown Colour
      53 Unicorn GR053G White Glitter
      54 Meadow GR054G Green Glitter
      55 Blue Lagoon GR055C Blue Colour
      56 Royal blue GR056C Blue Colour
      57 Purple Haze GR057C Purple Colour
      58 Royal Emerald GR058G Gold Glitter
      59 Fudge GR059C Nude Colour
      60 Toffee GR060C Brown Colour
      61 Treacle GR061C Brown Colour
      62 Candy GR062G Pink Glitter
      63 Aurora GR063G Pink Glitter
      64 Mermaid GR064G Blue Glitter
      65 Carrisma GR065C Purple Colour
      66 Deep plum GR066C Pink Colour
      67 Candy floss GR067C Pink Colour
      68 Nude Shimmer GR068C Nude Colour
      69 Apple GR069C Green Colour
      70 Pinkie pie GR070C Pink Colour
      71 Sky Fall GR071C Blue Colour
      72 Rosey Lea GR072C Brown Colour
      73 Coral Pink GR073C Coral Colour
      74 Lady Grey GR074C Grey Colour
      75 Sandy Shore GR075C Yellow Colour
      76 Suntan GR076C Nude Colour
      77 Angel kisses GR077 Nude Colour
      78 Black beauty GR078C Black Colour
      79 Nude is life GR079C Nude Colour
      80 Lilac dreams GR080C Lilac Colour
      81 Sage you do GR081C Green Colour
      82 Candy Cane GR082C Pink Colour
      83 Forest GR083G Green Glitter
      84 Snow Shimmer GR084G White Glitter
      85 Ocean breeze GR085C Blue Colour
      86 ice blue GR086C Blue Colour
      87 Babe GR087G Pink Glitter
      88 Orange Twist GR088C Orange Colour
      89 Ginger Fizz GR089G Orange Glitter
      90 Purple Glitz GR090G Purple Glitter
      92 Oz GR092C Green Colour
      93 Sky GR093C Blue Colour
      94 Dijon GR094C Yellow Colour
      95 Chocolatte GR095C Brown Colour
      98 Aquamarine GR098C Blue Colour
      99 Lucious Lavendar GR099C Purple Colour
      100 Dusky Plum GR100C Purple Colour
      101 Dandelion dream GR101C Yellow Colour
      102 Misteltoe GR102C Green Colour
      103 Chestnut Brown GR103C Brown Colour
      104 Maple GR104C Colour
      105 Dolly GR105C Pink Colour
      106 Nude pink GR106C Nude Colour
      107 Tutti fruity GR107C Pink Colour
      108 Plum GR108C Purple Colour
      110 Chickadee GR110C Orange Colour
      111 Sweet Lush GR111C Green Colour
      112 Brave GR112C Green Colour
      114 Daffodil Delight GR114C Yellow Colour
      115 Sandstorm GR115C Nude Colour
      116 Barbie girl GR116C Pink Colour
      117 Harliquinn Glitz GR117S Green Colour
      118 Daisy GR118S Yellow Colour
      119 Peach Smoothie GR119C Orange Colour
      120 Sugar Plum GR120C Purple Colour
      121 Dizzy Devil GR121G Purple Glitter
      122 Lola GR122G Coral Glitter
      123 Dare to bare GR123C Red Colour
      124 Silver Shimmer GR124C Silver Colour
      126 Bordeaux GR126C Red Colour
      127 Willow GR127C Green Colour
      128 Diva Days GR128S Brown Shimmer
      129 Rose Sparkle GR129G Gold Glitter
      130 Buttercup GR130C Yellow Colour
      131 Folklore GR131C Brown Colour
      132 Mauve you go GR132C Purple Colour
      133 Twilight GR133C Blue Colour
      134 Electric blue GR134C Blue Colour
      135 Pinky GR135C Pink Colour
      136 Moulin rouge GR136C Red Colour
      137 Powder blue GR137C Blue Colour
      138 Olive grove GR138C Green Colour
      139 Vinyard GR139C Red Colour
      140 Royal Purple GR140C Purple Colour
      141 Hot chocolate GR141C Brown Colour
      142 Shining star GR142G Silver Glitter
      143 Harmony GR143C Purple Colour
      144 Marshmallow GR144C Pink Colour
      145 Chase Me Charlie GR145C Blue Colour
      146 Baby Shower GR146C Blue Colour
      147 Electra GR147S Blue Colour
      148 Dior Days GR148C Purple Colour
      150 Dramarama GR150C Purple Colour
      151 Ruby Shoes GR151G Red Glitter
      152 Sand dune GR152C Nude Colour
      153 Carbon grey GR153C Grey Colour
      155 Simply red GR155C Red Colour
      156 Spice GR156C Red Colour
      157 Sienna GR157C Green Colour
      158 Cranberry crunch GR158C Red Colour
      159 Penny GR159C Brown Colour
      160 Sultry sparkle GR160G Red Glitter
      161 Dizzy does it GR161G Gold Glitter
      162 Holo silver GR162G Silver Glitter
      163 Dark desire GR163G Blue Glitter
      164 Blue sparkle GR164G Blue Glitter
      165 Frozen GR165G Blue Glitter
      166 Ghost GR166C Grey Colour
      167 Stormy sky GR167C Grey Colour
      168 Shadow GR168C Grey Colour
      169 Powder grey GR169C Grey Colour
      170 Mulberry GR170C Purple Colour
      172 Flirt GR172C Purple Colour
      173 Wisteria GR173C Purple Colour
      174 Neptune blue GR174S Blue Shimmer
      176 Easy Tiger GR176C Orange Colour
      177 Gretna Green GR177C Green Colour
      178 Tinkerdust GR178G Green Glitter
      179 In the buff GR179C Nude Colour
      180 Pradaa GR180C Nude Colour
      181 Paris Pink GR181C Pink Colour
      182 Pinking of You GR182C Pink Colour
      183 Thistle GR183C Pink Colour
      184 Buckaroo GR184C Brown Colour
      185 Scandal GR185C Red Colour
      186 Be my Valentine GR186G Red Glitter
      187 Flamingo GR187C Neon pink Colour
      188 Sheer Rose GR188G Nude Glitter
      189 Honey Blossom GR189C Nude Colour
      190 Au Natural GR190C Nude Colour
      191 Neon green GR191G Green Glitter
      192 Neon pink glitter GR192G Pink Glitter
      193 Neon yellow GR193G Yellow Glitter
      195 Nude GR195C Nude Colour
      196 Peaky Plum GR196G Purple Glitter
      197 Fire GR197C Orange Colour
      198 Magic sparkles GR198G Mixed Glitter
      200 Genie GR200C Purple Colour
      201 Grape GR201C Purple Colour
      202 Nudity GR202C Nude Colour
      203 Latte GR203C Nude Colour
      204 Holly GR204C Green Colour
      206 Alice GR206S Purple Shimmer
      207 Thunder GR207S Grey Shimmer
      208 Firecracker GR208C Orange Colour
      210 Va Va Violet GR210G Purple Glitter
      211 Sorbet GR211G Yellow Glitter
      212 Candy Twist GR212G Pink Glitter
      213 Rose Lace GR213C Pink Colour
      214 Ever After GR214G Pink Glitter
      215 Peppermint GR215C Green Colour
      216 Party in a Pot GR216G Gold Glitter
      217 Summer Days GR217G Pink Glitter
      219 Khaki Camo GR219C Green Colour
      220 Twilight GR220C Purple Colour
      222 Mystery GR222C Blue Colour
      223 Lime Slime GR223C Green Colour
      224 Bubblegum GR224C Neon blue Colour
      225 Coralana GR225C Neon coral Colour
      226 Queenie GR226C Purple Colour
      227 Shockwaves GR227C Orange Colour
      228 Tropic GR228C Neon Yellow Colour
      229 Lime GR229C Neon Green Colour
      230 Tangerine twist GR230C Neon Orange Colour
      231 Coral Fizz GR231G Coral Glitter
      232 Pink fling GR232C Neon pink Colour
      233 baby pink GR233C Pink Colour
      234 summer punch GR234C Neon Yellow Colour
      235 belle GR235C Yellow Colour
      236 pinkie promise GR236C Pink Colour
      237 powder puff GR237G Green Glitter
      238 coral glitz GR238S Coral Shimmer
      239 Fanciful GR239G Red Glitter
      240 Carnival GR240G Blue Glitter
      241 Bubbalicious GR241C Coral Colour
      242 gilver GR242G Gold Glitter
      243 Flamingo Glitz GR243G Glitter Neon Glitter
      245 Peach Fancy GR245S Coral Shimmer
      246 shockwaves glitz GR246S Neon Orange Shimmer
      247 lime glitz GR247S Neon Green Shimmer
      248 tropic glitz GR248S Neon Yellow Shimmer
      249 bubblegum glitz GR249S Neon blue Shimmer
      250 ibiza GR250S Neon Orange Shimmer
      251 queenie glitz GR251S Neon Purple Shimmer
      252 tangerine glitz GR252S Neon Orange Shimmer
      254 barbie glitz GR254S Neon pink Shimmer
      255 Marine Blue GR255C Blue Colour
      256 Mothers day GR256C Coral Colour
      257 Doll delight GR257G Coral Glitter
      258 Cherry cake GR258C Pink Colour
      259 love bite GR259C Red Colour
      260 kiss me quick GR260G Pink Glitter
      261 ribbon GR261G Pink Glitter
      262 kiwi GR262C Green Colour
      263 Lazy days GR263C Green Colour
      264 Sia GR264G Green Glitter
      265 Green with envy GR265C Green Colour
      266 Pandora GR266G Green Glitter
      267 Tiffany GR267C Green Colour
      268 dolce GR268C Green Colour
      269 Queen Bee GR269C Pink Colour
      270 Saraya GR270S Pink Shimmer
      271 custard cream GR271C Yellow Colour
      272 Winter Ice GR272S Blue Shimmer
      273 Maleficent GR273G Mixed Glitter
      274 Cotton Candy GR274C Pink Colour
      275 Fusion GR275C Purple Colour
      276 Harliquinn GR276C Green Colour
      278 Coral kisses GR278G Coral Glitter
      279 Teal GR279C Green Colour
      280 Mermaid dreams GR280G Green Glitter
      282 Night Watch GR282C Blue Colour
      283 Heather GR283C Purple Colour
      284 Serene Green GR284C Green Colour
      285 Spring Green GR285C Green Colour
      286 Bare Faced Cheek GR286C Nude Colour
      287 Tia GR287G Yellow Glitter
      288 Mya GR288G Orange Glitter
      289 Grace GR289G Purple Glitter
      290 Ava GR290G Green Glitter
      291 Joy GR291G Coral Glitter
      292 Isla GR292G Pink Glitter
      293 Faith GR293G Blue Glitter
      294 Wicked GR294G Black Glitter
      295 Moonbeam GR295G Silver Glitter
      296 Drama Queen GR296S Purple Shimmer
      297 Woo Woo GR297C Red Colour
      298 Heavenly GR298S Purple Shimmer
      299 Orange Blossom GR299C Orange Colour
      300 Ballerina GR300S Pink Shimmer
      301 Tempted GR301C Red Colour
      302 Devil Rose GR302C Red Colour
      303 Poison Apple GR303C Red Colour
      304 Raven GR304S Black Shimmer
      305 Fetish GR305C Purple Colour
      306 Whisper GR306C Purple Colour
      307 Fettish Sparkle GR307S Purple Shimmer
      308 Princess GR308S Pink Shimmer
      309 Starlight GR309G Silver Glitter
      311 Bronze Beauty GR311C Brown Colour
      312 Lauren GR312G Nude Glitter
      313 Tango GR313C Orange Colour
      314 Cupid GR314C Red Colour
      315 Rhia GR315C Blue Colour
      316 Popping Candy GR316G Pink Glitter
      317 Rose Blush GR317C Nude Colour
      318 Bernice GR318C Pink Colour
      319 Moonlight GR319C Blue Colour
      320 Pillow Talk GR320C Nude Colour
      321 Ladies Day GR321C Nude Colour
      322 Vintage GR322C Nude Colour
      323 Honesty GR323C Nude Colour
      324 Boom Baby GR324C Nude Colour
      325 Cobble GR325C Nude Colour
      326 Night Rider GR326C Blue Colour
      327 Shadow Dancer GR327C Blue Colour
      328 Ballet Blue GR328C Blue Colour
      329 Emerald City GR329G Blue Glitter
      330 Brighton Blue GR330C Blue Colour
      331 Divine GR331S Purple Shimmer
      333 Autumn vibes GR333G Gold Glitter
      334 Fever GR334C Orange Colour
      335 Blue Mist GR335S Blue Shimmer
      337 Honeybell GR337S Yellow Shimmer
      338 Sassy GR338S Pink Shimmer
      339 Domino GR339G Mixed Glitter
      340 Twinkle Shine GR340G White Glitter
      341 Cupcake GR341G Mixed Glitter
      342 Tealistic GR342G Green Glitter
      343 Trixie GR343G Pink Glitter
      344 Fantastico GR344G Mixed Glitter
      345 Twilight Sparkle GR345G Silver Glitter
      347 Showtime GR347G Gold Glitter
      348 Opal Delight GR348G White Glitter
      349 Girl crush GR349G Pink Glitter
      350 Tinsel GR350G Gold Glitter
      351 Carol GR351G Gold Glitter
      352 Snowball GR352G White Glitter
      353 Eve GR353G White Glitter
      354 Ho Ho Ho GR354S Red Shimmer
      355 Mrs Claus GR355G Red Glitter
      356 Noel GR356G Purple Glitter
      357 Elfie GR357G Green Glitter
      358 Spring Delight GR358G Orange Glitter
      359 Gold Rush GR359G Gold Glitter
      360 Gossip Girl GR360C Pink Colour
      361 Meridian GR361G Blue Glitter
      362 Ocean Glitz GR362S Blue Shimmer
      363 Glistening Taupe GR363S Brown Shimmer
      364 Jungle Fever GR364C Green Colour
      366 Peach Passion GR366C Orange Colour
      367 Velvet Crush GR367C Purple Colour
      368 Punk Purple GR368C Purple Colour
      369 Rebel red GR369G Red Glitter
      370 Pearl GR370S White Shimmer
      371 Nutcracker GR371C Brown Colour
      372 After Eight GR372C Green Colour
      373 Amber GR373C Brown Colour
      374 Hazel GR374C Brown Colour
      375 Dreamer GR375C Blue Colour
      376 Lullaby GR376C Pink Colour
      377 Champagne Charlie GR377S Pink Shimmer
      378 Spring GR378S Green Shimmer
      379 bambi GR379S Orange Shimmer
      380 Halo GR380S Purple Shimmer
      381 Mirror Mirror GR381S Blue Shimmer
      382 Date Me GR382S Pink Shimmer
      383 Daisy chain GR383S Yellow Shimmer
      384 Silk Dress GR384S Nude Shimmer
      385 Sugar Pill GR385C Nude Colour
      386 Lulu GR386C Pink Colour
      387 Wolf Whistle GR387C Nude Colour
      388 Twinkle Twinkle GR388S Grey Shimmer
      389 Mesmerise Me GR389S Green Shimmer
      390 Envy GR390C Green Colour
      391 Pink Processo GR391G Pink Glitter
      392 Sunbeam GR392G Yellow Glitter
      393 Cinders Slippers GR393G Blue Glitter
      394 Peacock GR394G Green Glitter
      395 Bucks Fizz GR395G Orange Glitter
      396 Sparkle Gem GR396G Purple Glitter
      397 Sunflower GR397G Yellow Glitter
      398 Sugar Plum Fairy GR398C Purple Colour
      399 Kiwi Kiss GR399S Neon Green Shimmer
      400 Soda Pop GR400G Mixed Glitter
      401 Fairy Godmother GR401G Pink Glitter
      402 Heaven can wait GR402G Pink Glitter
      403 Silver Blush GR403G Blue Glitter
      404 Sultry GR404G Silver Glitter
      405 Diamonds Are Forever GR405G White Glitter
      406 Dolce Glitz GR406S Green Shimmer
      407 Pink Peril GR407G Neon pink Glitter
      408 Disco Barbie GR408G Neon pink Glitter
      410 Luster Violet GR410C Purple Colour
      412 Crème de la Crème GR412C Nude Colour
      413 Butter Milk GR413C Nude Colour
      414 Mystral GR414C Nude Colour
      415 Honey GR415C Nude Colour
      416 Misty GR416G Grey Glitter
      417 Neverland GR417G Mixed Glitter
      418 Cherub GR418C Pink Colour
      419 Sassy Pink GR419C Pink Colour
      420 Minx GR420C Pink Colour
      421 Tease Me GR421C Purple Colour
      422 Just Rosy GR422C Pink Colour
      423 Just Purple GR423G Purple Glitter
      424 Bo Peep GR424G Pink Glitter
      427 Fandango GR427S Neon Orange Shimmer
      428 Falling deep GR428C Blue Colour
      450 Blossom GR450C Pink Colour
      452 Pink Champagne GR452S Pink Shimmer
      453 Candy Kisses GR453G Pink Glitter
      454 Glitterball GR454G Blue Glitter
      455 Pom Pom Pink GR455G Pink Glitter
      456 Citrine Dream GR456S Neon Orange
      457 Sugar Cane GR457G Purple Glitter
      459 Lemon Puff GR459G Neon Yellow Glitter
      460 Carousel GR460G Neon pink Glitter
      461 Sunkissed GR461S Neon Yellow
      462 Bittersweet GR462G Neon Orange Glitter
      463 Eye Candy GR463G Neon pink Glitter
      464 Dancing Queen GR464S Neon pink Shimmer
      466 Hocus Pocus GR466G Mixed Glitter